A True Original

In 1883, Moritz Plochman pledged to make “first-class mustards only.” From creating the classic squeeze barrel in the 1950s to adding new varieties over the years, we’ve remained committed to making the best mustard ‘round.

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Four prestigious medals, one proud mustard-maker. Our Bourbon Mustard was just declared “Grand Champion” at the 2018 World-Wide Mustard Competition. Proving, again, that its rich flavor pairs well with countless food favorites, including adult beverages, baked beans and grilled chicken.

Our Bourbon Mustard was declared Grand Champion at the 2018 World-Wide Mustard Competition

How sweet it is

We took our premium stone ground mustard and added a little fig sweetness. So you can add a new twist to your favorite sauces, marinades and dips.

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A Snack With A Wild Side

If you have an appetite for something with a kick—grab crackers, pretzels or chips and try our new Daredevil Dip.

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